I got my first DVDs from Netflix today. I got the two discs from Dr. Katz: the Complete Series that have the episodes that Jon Stewart was in. I'll go back and get the rest of the series from the beginning later but first I just had to see Jon's appearances! I also got the Strangers With Candy movie. I figure if I actually like the movie (which I kind of doubt I will) then I will try watching the series.

ETA: Have a quote from Jon Stewart from an episode of Dr. Katz:

"My cat has never been out of my apartment. So the first time I took him, I took him to the vet. Which was sort of exciting for him. But when you get to the vet as a matter of course they take the cats temperature anally. That was a surprise to me but it was a huge surprise to the cat... And that's what they did the first time he's ever left my apartment, the only time he's ever left my apartment. That's what he thinks the outside world is. Which makes me very uncomfortable because he sees me leave the apartment everyday. Whenever I come home he always has that look on his face like 'you like that?'."


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