Okay normally I don't get all swoony over guys who are good with little kids (mostly cause I don't like kids) but these pics of Jon Stewart and his son at a basketball game are so freaking adorable! Aww his kids are lucky to have such an awesome dad.

P.S. I loved how last night when his guest pointed out how Jon's job would be hard now that Obama was in office Jon said "Ya it will be so hard to do this job with joy in my heart." :D
I feel like my love for Supernatural has died. You know who I blame? The fucking angels! Also new craptastic Ruby (I am never getting past the horror of Sam/Ruby, never ever ever). It's actually pretty liberating to not be so obsessed with this show though. It's like my whole emotional well being no longer depends on a show that is run by a dude who delights in fucking with people's minds and that has caused me to lighten the fuck up. I will keep watching the show but now when stupid shit happens I'm just gonna be like "whatever" and move on.


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