I wanted to post a couple of things that went through my mind while watching the movie today.

Cutting for a couple of semi-spoilery comments about My Bloody Valentine )
Talking about seeing My Bloody Valentine on here last night lead to some discussion of the greatest horror movie ever, Scream, and the rules that were established in that movie. In case you forgot them, here they are:

There are certain rules you must abide by in order to successfully survive a horror movie. For instance. Number one, you can never have sex. Sex equals death okay? Number two, you can never drink or do drugs. Number three, never never ever under any circumstances do you ever say I'll be right back cause you won't be back. You push the laws and you end up dead!

I have a couple more to add. You know the scene where Sydney runs into Stu and Randy and they are both trying to convince her the other one is a killer and she should trust them and finally she says "Screw you both" and shuts the door on them? That was a smart move. But then when her boyfriend, who she thought had been murdered in front of her, shows up and demands the gun from her and she gives it to him, that was not a smart move! Which leads to me to the other rules you should know: Never trust anyone, especially when that person is miraculously not dead suddenly. The other rule is, never ever give up your weapon. If you have a weapon cling onto it for dear life. Got it? Good.
I just found a site where you can watch movies for free (I'm not sure it's entirely legal *shh*). So I watched The Faculty, well up until the part where Jon Stewart's character died anyway. I've seen that movie a bunch of times before though, once a long time ago I was really into it for some reason. If you've never seen the movie it's kind of like The Breakfast Club meets Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

After that I watched Final Destination. A little while back the USA network aired Final Destination 3 and I watched it and liked it so I've been wanting to see the first Final Destination for awhile but just never got around to it till today. I gotta say I thought the 3rd movie was much better. It's hard to believe that the sequel to the sequel is better than the original but it totally is.

Hey did you know they are releasing a Final Destination 4 this year and that it's in 3D. Seriously what is with 3D movies coming back all of a sudden? Who decided that what movies were missing nowadays was lame 3D effects?


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