Would you guys be offended if I renamed my friends page "Liberal Secular Fags"? I ask because it would be referring to you and some might not care for it or think it's offensive.

The context of the joke is under here )

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Eight people said it was cool (including the one and only conservative person on my flist) so I went ahead and changed the friends page name to Liberal Secular Fags. I also changed my icon journal name to Your Moment of Zen, the recent entries link to The Word, and the link to my userinfo is Truthiness. I couldn't think of anything for the archive link that would fit the theme though. Any ideas?

Also I have started a 2009 LJ Scrapbook. I have it as the top entry if anyone wants to check it out. It's really pretty empty right now but 2009 just started.

You Are Cute!

Believe it or not, you are much more attractive than you realize.

You don't try too hard, and that's one of the cutest things about you.

You have a vibrant glow about you, and people are drawn to your energy.

You're not perfect, thank goodness. Your flaws are part of what's lovable about you.

Not shocking as cute seems to be the compliment I always get.
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( Jan. 28th, 2009 10:41 pm)
It's amazing what people in fandom fight over. I saw a picture today of Jensen Ackles smoking. Curious about this I did an online search to see if he is in fact a smoker. I stumbled upon a message board on a Jensen site where people where fighting over the topic. Some people seemed to take offense to others who suggested he might smoke, like they were suggesting that he was morally corrupt or something. Of course then there where some who were saying how sexy smoking is. *facepalm* Personally I'd be dissapointed to find out he is a smoker only because it's really bad for his health. Of course it is his life and he can do what he wants with it but I hope if he is a smoker that he will consider quitting.

P.S. Speaking of smoking celebs, did Johnny Depp ever actually quit? I know he talked about trying to quit a lot.


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