My cats refuse to eat cheap cat food. I don't know how they know but anytime I try to feed them non-name brand cat food they don't like it. It's not that they have one specific brand they only eat either. They'll eat 9 Lives or Friskies or Meow Mix, etc. But they will not eat the store brands. I could be tough and be like "you eat what I give you or go without" but then I'm afraid my cats will be so stubborn it will do them irrevocable damage 'cause I read if a cat doesn't eat for like a day or two it can actually kill them.
fangirl1981: (daily--jon/stephen cartoon)
( Feb. 25th, 2009 01:50 pm)
Inspired by Jon calling Stephen "baby" during last night's toss, I wrote my idea for what tonight's toss should be:

"We're gonna check in now with our good friend Stephen Colbert. Stephen."
"Jon, you called me baby on air last night."
"Did I?"
"Yes dear, you did"
"Sorry schnookums."
"It's okay, pookie bear."
"Thanks honeybuns."
"No problem sugar lips."
"Have a good show sweetie pie."
"Will do pumpkin."


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