I have converted [livejournal.com profile] almightyspaz into a Criminal Minds fan! Behold my mad tv pimping skills! Now I just have to get [livejournal.com profile] domina_malfoy and [livejournal.com profile] visionofblue to start watching the Daily Show.
This afternoon I watched The Simpsons Movie and finished reading In Cold Blood.

New Criminal Minds tonight and it's Garcia-centric woot woot! I remember some time ago a meme or something that asked about your own personal canon for shows. I only have one and that is my firm belief that Emily Prentiss is a lesbian. They haven't said anything to directly contradict it yet so I'm sticking to it!

Also I'm very pleased to announce that Reid has taken a huge lead in the sexiest man poll. I love that in this fandom the nerd is the sex symbol. (And don't go saying "What about Sam Winchester? Sam is barely a nerd, he can't hold a candle to Reid's nerdiness.) Gideon got one vote which made me go "Wha?" I mean maybe back when Mandy Patinkin was in The Princess Bride but as Gideon? I think not.
They are showing the episode of the Daily Show where the guy said that people had teabagged the White House. And then Jon made the jokes about rusty trombones and dirty sanchezs.

Jon-"I love that our audience tonight is perversion literate."

That's me, I'm perversion literate! I'm well versed in filth. My mom didn't know what any of those things meant. She asked me to explain to her what teabagging was. I did and based on her reaction I told her she didn't even want to know what a rusty trombone or a dirty sanchez was.


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