I just have to post this quote from last night's Criminal Minds cause I loved it:

"Getting into someone's mind and trying to find the godawful thing that happened to them that made them do the godawful thing to somebody else has seriously impaired my ability to giggle and it makes my brain all wonky and I don't like it." - Garcia

And now a meme I stole from [livejournal.com profile] colbertobsessed: Pick a fandom and answer the questions.

I picked Criminal Minds. Shocking I know )
Apparently there is talk of a Criminal Minds spin-off show:

Now that CBS has milked the CSI: franchise for all it’s worth, they’re thinking about milking another hit show to see if they can make us sick of it as well. Criminal Minds executive producer Ed Bernero confirmed to EW.com that “substantive” discussions are taking place between CBS and producer ABC Studios to turn Criminal Minds into a franchise by developing a spinoff.

“It’s safe to say there will be something soon,” Bernero reveals. “We had talked about it from the beginning, but something always got in the way of it happening…” I’m guessing the whole Mandy Patinkin thing didn’t help nor did the WGA strike.

There isn’t any news as far as what a potential spinoff might look like. Bernero says they’re “looking at all of the things the FBI does and how we can work that into the Criminal Minds world.” It’s likely the spinoff would be introduced to audiences during an episode of Criminal Minds in the upcoming season.

Bernero was asked whether any of the current cast of Criminal Minds would be poached for the potential new show. “I don’t think so,” Bernero replied. “We’re very happy with the team we have. On the other hand, it’s possible characters could be on both shows… All options are open.”

Of course this was back in July of last year and now CBS is working on an NCIS spin-off which put a hold on the CM spin-off idea. Whether or not they will actually ever make it remains to be seen.
I mentioned the Kelly Clarkson concert to my mom and brother today and my brother said he would drive me to it as a birthday present. I don't entirely trust him to do it (he has a tendency to offer to do things and then back out of it) but I'm tempted to go ahead and buy a ticket anyway. Then it would be harder for him to back out of his offer. I don't know though. I really really want to go, I've never been to concert ever and I love Kelly. Tickets go on sale April 18th so I have time to think it over. I'd have to buy the cheapest ticket they have but whatever, Kelly Clarkson concert woo!
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( Mar. 26th, 2009 10:02 pm)
I really enjoyed tonight's episode of Supernatural. But then I saw the preview and if they do what they are implying they are doing (and what I read was a spoiler at one time but was supposedly re-written) than I am done. I can not watch the show anymore if they go there.

ETA: Spoilery stuff in the comments.


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