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Remember when the gay community is granted personal freedoms, ours get taken away. How? Shh...did you see all that lightning?

Date you joined?: April 3rd, 2004
Number of journal entries?: 3,107
Number of comments posted?: 7,020
Number of comments you have received?: 8,406
Number of people on your friends list?: 34
Number of people you're a friend of?: 71
Person that introduced you to LJ?: Nobody. I was on blogspot and found livejournal back when you needed an invite to join which bummed me out cause I couldn't get one. I was thrilled when I found out they no longer required invites to join.
Still friends with this person?: No one introduced me to it so...
How many people have you introduced to Live Journal?: A few people I'm no longer friends with. *L* I suck.
List everyone on your friends list you have met in person: Nobody. The closest I've come is talking on the phone with [ profile] visionofblue a couple of times. :(
Name one person on your friends list you would most like to meet: [ profile] visionofblue!
Last person you added?: [ profile] severity_softly
Ever banned someone from commenting in your journal?: I banned anonymous comments for awhile cause I had some asshole harassing me. I think I changed it back to allow them again though.
Biggest pet peeve about LJ: That they keep changing stuff to "improve things." Usually it was better before they "improved it".
Do you feel close to most of the people on your friends list?: Um some of them. I'm really not that good at making connections with people. I'm terribly anti-social (not in a psychopath way but in the I suck at talking to people way). Have I mentioned I like animals way more than people? And that I'm a little bit of a misanthrope?
I love Limewire. When I hear a song I want I go to Limewire and 9 times out of 10 find it. I re-watched the Criminal Minds episode "In Birth and Death" on A&E Friday night and they played this song at the end that I loved. I found out it was "Broken" by Lifehouse, went to Limewire, and now I have it! Yay for the internets - it's a series of tubes you know.

Then I realized that Lifehouse is considered by some to be a Christian rock band (even though they deny being one) and that the song could be interpreted as Christian which kind of turned me off. Then I was like what is wrong with you? A good song is a good song. Some people might listen to it and think it has some deeper spiritual meaning but I choose not to. Not that I necessarily have anything against religion or anything, except when people try to force their religious beliefs on others. (Don't tell me how to live my life. You do what you think is right and I'll do what I think is right and we can just agree to live and let live, mmkay?) I just don't happen to be the slightest bit religious myself.

Anyway I thought I should share the song with all of you lovely people:
"Broken" - Lifehouse

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