Watched Half Baked last night. Oh Jon you are hilarious as a pothead.

Against my better judgement I am going to watch Animal Planet's special on puppy mills tonight. I better break out the kleenex.

I am trying to decide if I want to use my $250 to buy that full size mattress I've been wanting or just go on a little shopping spree with it. If I get the matress I still have to spend another $100 of my own money to get a frame for it. Plus I have to dispose of my old mattress and headboard. If I go on a little shopping spree I could buy season 2 and 3 of Criminal Minds and MST3K Volume 14. I could also buy some new jeans that I am in desperate need of and maybe some books too.

I had this weird dream last night and I can't remember much detail except Joe Mantegna was in it. I was at like some gathering with family and friends and he was there with his daughter (the one who appeared on Criminal Minds) and I was all friendly with him and we were standing way too close, all pressed up against each other (which I really enjoyed). And then I woke up.


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