Fuck you Sam! You are the world's biggest idiot and douchebag. The things you have done are absolutely unforgivable and I hope you choke on your demon whore's blood and die.

In conclusion the odds of my watching season 5, really not so good.
Man I feel all kinds of lightheaded and dizzy today. Not fun.

Have I mentioned my new found love for a little show called Flashpoint before? Cause it is made of awesome, it really is.

Spoilery comments about last night's episode of Bones )

I forgot to mention the news of Maine legalizing gay marriage. We now have a whole 1/10th of the states allowing people to have equal rights, woo hoo! Though I fear the ignorant gay haters in the country will blame this sudden influx of gay acceptance on the Democrats and elect a bunch of Republicans in the next election. Cause all the Republicans have going for them is fanning the flames of gay hatred. Well that and trying to ban abortion.
I am attempting to write a flirty Garcia/Prentiss phone conversation but it went like strait into dirty talk territory and I get all embarrassed just contemplating writing that. It also doesn't help that I am intimidated by trying to write in Garcia's voice. I may need to scrap the whole thing cause I suck.


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