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( May. 28th, 2009 07:39 pm)
Normally I love to read happy slash fanfiction but sometimes, like today, it just makes me feel desperately lonely and sorry for myself. *sigh* I really shouldn't be this jealous of a fictional couple.

My brother claims he is moving to New York in August to go to college. The very same brother who has dropped out of the local community challenge half a dozen times. The same brother that has lived by himself twice in this very city (the city he has lived his whole life in) only to end up moving back in with my mom cause he was too lonely living alone. The same brother that has never traveled any farther than the next state over. The same brother who is always coming up with big plans for his future that never happen and change almost daily. So you will excuse me if I am skeptical about this happening. I told my mom that if he's moving to New York I'm going to Las Vegas to become a showgirl. His biggest reason for moving to New York? They have good public transportation. This is important to him cause he's too chicken shit to drive anymore. He thinks he is going to live in New York on his financial aid and instantly find a part time job. Have I mentioned that he has had about half a dozen jobs before that he quit shortly after starting? The longest he ever held a job was maybe a year. Oy.


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