My dream casting for Lucifer on Supernatural next season would be Robert Knepper. He's so good at acting deliciously evil! If they are going to have a sexy angel (I don't see it but everyone else seems to) then they should have a sexy devil too. ;)
I watched this special on celebrity plastic surgery on E! earlier (I was really bored, don't judge me!) and they were talking about Ashlee Simpson looking so much better after her surgery but I liked Ashlee Simpson's big old honking nose! I think she looked better before. Her nose made her different and unique. Now she's just another pretty face. *yawn* On the special they were going on and on about how this person and that person looked so good after their plastic surgery and I'm thinking "they weren't exactly gargoyles to begin with ya know". The most shocking thing was they said Janice Dickinson looks good. Are you fucking kidding me? She is positively scary looking. Personally I have a problem with plastic surgery. I think people need to embrace the looks they were born with and just age naturally. A friend asked me once if I could get any plastic surgery procedure what would I get and I said I wouldn't get anything done.


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