I got the Criminal Minds novels I ordered in the mail today. I was very pleased to find out Rossi is in two out of three of them and as the great Meat Loaf says two out of three aint bad. I really hope they are better than the Supernatural novels.

I need a screencap of Reid, Rossi, and Hotch to make an OT3 icon.

Remember how I was complaining about the lack of Booth/Sweets fic? Well now I am wishing someone would write Sweets/Reid. *facepalm*

Two episodes of Criminal Minds tonight! One is a rerun but I don't care, it's two hours of my favorite fictional show so I say yay. Also the rerun has lots of Hotch and Rossi together. And Morgan asking where mom and dad are in reference to Hotch and Rossi. :)

You know it's a good thing I don't actually attempt to write fanfic often cause the other night while unable to sleep my mind was wandering and I thought wouldn't it be funny to make a big ass AU fic with the CM characters in high school? With Hotch and Rossi as teachers (who are fucking) and football playing Morgan who has a crush on nerdy Reid and cheerleader JJ who has a crush on quiet serious Prentiss and too cool for school Garcia who observes it all from afar in her sardonic way? It would be cracktastic ... or maybe just craptastic. Probably the latter.
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( Apr. 21st, 2009 10:21 pm)
Why is there no Booth/Sweets fic? There really needs to be some.
Found out the season premiere dates for all of my shows:

September 3rd - Bones
September 18th - Supernatural
September 24th - Criminal Minds
September 25th - My Name is Earl
September 29th - Chuck
October 3rd - Life

I'm dying to see the Criminal Minds season premiere. I have to know who got blowed up! I'm really hoping it's JJ and she will lose the baby and also her annoying boyfriend will end up dead. That way I won't have to suffer through the stupid baby storyline which would totally ruin my second favorite show.

I know I don't watch Prison Break anymore but I did hear a spoiler that has me going wtf? Cutting for Prison Break spoiler )
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( Jun. 5th, 2008 12:31 am)
Shows I started watching in the fall:

Show(s) I lost along the way:
CSI NY and Prison Break

Show(s) I picked up along the way:
Bones and Life

Show(s) I'm thinking of for next season:
Maybe Fringe but I'm not sure

Best season opener:
Criminal Minds

Worst season opener:

Best season finale:

Worst season finale:
Criminal Minds (because the ending pissed me off) and they brought back JJ's boyfriend who I hate.

Series that dealt with the strike well:

Series that did not deal with the strike well:
Bones (I felt like they crammed a whole bunch of stuff into the finale that maybe they would've spread out if they had more episodes)

Show(s) I'm most impressed with this season:

Show(s) I'm most disappointed in this season:
My Name is Earl

Show(s) I'm looking forward to coming back:
Supernatural, Criminal Minds, Bones, Chuck, My Name is Earl

Show(s) that really shouldn't have gotten renewed:
ER and Prison Break

Show(s) that shouldn't have been cancelled:
I didn't watch any of the shows that were cancelled.
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( May. 20th, 2008 12:28 am)
Been looking for Bones icons and I am left to wonder a couple of things: Why do almost all the Bones icons out there gotta be Bones/Booth shippy ones? And why aren't there more Cam icons? She is hot and she kicks ass! She's my new Stella. ;)

Spoilers for the Bones season finale )
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( Apr. 21st, 2008 11:18 pm)
My icon pleases me greatly. That is the moment where I was like "OMG I love Booth!" I mean he literally exclaimed, all proud like a little kid, "Look at my horse" and then he moved it like it was galloping*. There's just something about grown men expressing childlike glee that gets me. I better not be getting a crush on David Boreanaz though, that shit aint right. I watched him in 3 seasons of Buffy and 5 seasons of Angel without getting all hot and bothered, why should I start digging him now?

*And it may have seemed to me like something Dean would do if he ever made a horse in a pottery class.
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( Apr. 21st, 2008 11:49 am)
Am I the only person who thinks there needs to be some Dean Winchester/Seely Booth slash written?
Any of you guys know which movie my subject line comes from? First one with the right answer gets a cookie.

New Bones tonight, yay! That means I have to miss the first half of the two hour Deal or No Deal though. :(

My guilty pleasure show is coming back tomorrow. That's right, it's time for another Shot at Love with Tila Tequila. I just know she will find true love this time. *snerk*

Only three days now till the new episode of Supernatural!!!! :D
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( Apr. 4th, 2008 09:13 pm)
I have a new default icon. This is big because I haven't changed my default icon for a long time.

So I've pretty much made up my mind to quit watching CSI NY. The plotlines have just gotten so ridiculous. I've been sticking around for the prettiness of Stella for awhile now but that's just not enough to keep me watching anymore.

I think I might start watching Bones. I've seen a couple of episodes and I'm not like "OMG I love it" yet but I do really like David Boreanaz in it. He's way more charismatic on there then he ever was as Angel.

I want to watch more shows but the problem is I can't just be a casual viewer. I have to be so invested in it I can't possibly miss an episode and if I dont feel that way then I don't even bother to watch usually. There's just not that many shows on TV right now that seem interesting to me. *sigh*


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