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( Dec. 1st, 2006 12:53 am)
Got this meme from [ profile] alchemyonfire:
List ten fictional figures you would have sex with (in no particular order) and tag 5 people to do the same. You don't have to include pictures but it'd be nice because looking at hot people is fun.

1. Dean (Supernatural)
2. T-Bag (Prison Break)
3. Veronica (Veronica Mars)
4. Alec (Dark Angel)
5. Stella (CSI NY)
6. Casey (SVU)
7. Tara (Buffy)
8. Eames (Criminal Intent)
9. Sara (Prison Break)
10. Piz (Veronica Mars)

Tagging only two people specifically (though I doubt they'll do it) [ profile] visionofblue and [ profile] anteka. I tag everyone else who wants to do it as well 'cause I love to see everyone's answers.
I found another meme I wanted to do. I'm just Miss Spammy McSpam tonight.

Make a list of all the characters in your icons. (Although you may have more than one icon of a single character, they only go on the list once.) Alphabetize it. Take the first two people on the list; that's your first pairing. Second two people; second pairing. Etc.

My results )
I'm not going to get into the wacky weirdness of this week's SVU but I just had to mention how much Casey rocked her whole 30 seconds of screentime:

Munch-"Was it my uncle's outburst that did it?"
Casey-"No, though that was special."

Danni-"How could you let them do that?"
Casey-" I don't know, I guess I suck."

Oh Casey I adore you but watching you means watching the suckfest that is SVU now. Why couldn't your character be on a better show?
I forgot to mention in my post about the last Supernatural that thanks to Ash (who is awesome, I don't care what anybody else says) Sam no longer has the worst hair on the show. For that Sam should be grateful.

You know I kinda love the new A.D.A on Law & Order. She's spunky, like my Casey.

I have now bought all of the Buffy DVDs except for season 7. Me and season 7 have serious issues and I don't know if we can ever resolve them. Maybe someday but right now it's just too painful.

I'm thinking about going ahead and buying Veronica Mars seasons 1 and 2 while I still have money ('cause I never have money for long) but I don't know. I really need to watch more episodes to make up my mind about the show. But by the time I watch those episodes I'll probably be broke again. Also there are other things I should buy but anytime I get money now my first instict is to buy TV shows on DVD. That's pretty much what I spend all my money on.
I made a new colorbar for my favorite law enforcement ladies!
Alex, Casey and Stella love )

They are the epitome of strong female characters and they're the reason I will always watch their respective shows no matter how crappy they get.

BTW Alex/Casey/Stella is my crossover OTP! Any combo of the three would definetly make me happy. Too bad nobody writes them. The reason they need to be crossed-over with each other is that no one* on their own show is good enough for them (except for Barek and she's gone now *pout*).

*I'm referring to femslash possibilities as I do not read het. The only het pairing I actually like is Alex/Bobby but I don't read it.
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( Sep. 8th, 2006 02:08 pm)
I picked up Entertainment Weekly's Fall Preview issue today. They don't have anything on Prison Break, WTF?! Anyway the only new show I planned on watching this season is Justice (which has already premiered and I've been watching it for two weeks already). Of course last season I didn't plan on watching any new shows and I wound up watching three: Prison Break, Supernatural and My Name is Earl.

Somebody stop me from selling my Oz DVDs to buy Buffy. I know I'll regret it later but it's soooooo tempting.

Icon meme )
I changed my userinfo, including putting up a list of my top 5 favorite TV characters.

1. Theodore "T-Bag" Bagwell from Prison Break
2. Jack Bristow from Alias
3. Dean Winchester from Supernatural
4. Alec X5-494 from Dark Angel
5. Casey Novak from Law & Order: SVU
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( Aug. 12th, 2006 01:56 pm)
Taken from [ profile] verbalthing:
From each of your fandoms, choose your favorite character, ship & episode. One only! )

I want to say thank you to [ profile] cinderblock42, [ profile] xxxpromisexxx and [ profile] visionofblue for the lovely birthday cards they sent me. ([ profile] visionofblue, could you tell Ziggy and Kitty Pooh thanks for me?)

Check it out, I made a little Dean and baby Sammy icon! :)
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( Aug. 3rd, 2006 01:30 pm)
So according to my poll results thus far Casey is the best ADA (of course), T-Bag is the hottest escaped convict (duh), every single person on my flist is a Dean girl (Sam gets no love), most of my flist are cat owners (yay for cat people), and Vern is evil.

I got my hair cut today! It's much shorter and I love it. It's all butch dyke fabulous. My mom and the hairdresser told me it looks cute on me. I'd provide a picture but the digital camera I bought was crap and I returned it. I'll take a pic with my regular camera and one day get it developed and scanned for y'all.

I have to go to my therapist today. Blech, I hate going there. I don't want to talk about my feelings. I want to keep them all bottled up inside until one day I explode and kill everyone around me! Is that so much to ask?!

My mom is a total Mike Rowe fangirl but she's in denial about it. She just keeps saying she likes the show when I mention it. But the other day she was trying to tape it and it wasn't working. She came poundng on my door in a panic, telling me the show was coming on and I had to get the tape fixed now! She also said that Mike has his shirt off in this one. Ya mom, you just like the show. Just keep telling yourself that.

It's not so hot out today as it's been lately. There's supposed to be storms tonight. I hope they're not too bad that we can't watch TV. Supernatural is on tonight and I have two episodes of Carnivale I need to watch so I can mail them back to Blockbuster tomorrow.
Couldn't sleep last night and started coming up with random poll questions to ask my flist.

[Poll #784128]
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( Aug. 2nd, 2006 12:04 pm)
Look what I have for you today: Robert Knepper clips! I have these video files saved on my computer and I want to save them on my jump drive so I'm sending them to myself so I can do that at the library and I figured I'd share the clips with you while I have the links available.

Young Guns 2 - The 'stache!
Love & Sex - Voulez vous coucher avec moi ce soir
Phantoms - Sexy G-Man
Dead of Night - Porntastic!

Meme stolen from [ profile] hawkeyecat

If you had your choice of any celebrity or fictional character (living or dead) who would you choose to be the following:

01. Who is your best friend? Alex Eames
02. Who is your mother? Sister Peter Marie (she wasn't always a nun!)
03. Who is your father? Jack Bristow, duh (I <3 my Spydaddy)
04. Who is your older sibling? Younger sibling? Older would be Will Tippin. Younger would be Hermione Granger
05. Who is your prom date? Nadia Santos (age doesn't work but I gotta get Mia Maestro in here somewhere)
06. Who do you have a no-strings-attached one-night stand with? T-Bag (and he didn't kill me during or after, yay!)
07. Who do you date for a year or two? Dean Winchester (wouldn't work out in the long run 'cause he's always off hunting ghosts and what not)
08. Who do you marry? Casey Novak, of course
09. Who is your boss? Jack Malone (I could totally do the intellectual part of the job but not so much the shooting guns and chasing suspects part)
10. Who is/are your next door neighbor(s)? Munch and Fin (the wacky gay couple next door)
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( Jul. 22nd, 2006 11:54 am)
Season 2 Prison Break promotional pictures!!!
The group and my man T-Bag )

Also I made this last night.
One Big Happy Family )

Certificate of Marriage
This is to certify that
Robert Knepper & Kristie Street
were married on
July 20, 2006
Marry Your Favorite Character

Certificate of Marriage
This is to certify that
A.D.A. Casey Novak & Kristie Street
were married on
July 20, 2006
Marry Your Favorite Character

Robert already has another wife so he was cool with me having one. And Casey is married to the job so she understands too. ;)
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( Jul. 6th, 2006 01:19 pm)
I've done this meme before but I had to do it again. I picked some different shows than last time and I put it in alphabetical order instead of by preference.

Meme taken from [ profile] dragonessasmith

Pick six fandoms, and then answer the questions below.

My choices:
1. Alias
2. L&O: Criminal Intent
3. L&O: SVU
4. MST3K
5. Prison Break
6. Supernatural

Be sure and pick your fandoms before you click on the link )
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( May. 19th, 2006 10:54 am)
The South Park Character Generator is so much fun and so addictive. I made a few of my favorite characters with it.

Check them out! )

Thanks so much to [ profile] scarletts_awry for letting me know about it.
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( May. 14th, 2006 11:09 pm)
Meme: Name ten fictional characters you would sleep with, and why.
(I'm not going to explain why, they're just hot okay)

1. Ryan O'Reily "Oz"
2. Theodore Bagwell "Prison Break" (but only if I had a guarantee he wouldn't kill me after...or during)
3. Casey Novak "SVU"
4. Carolyn Barek "Criminal Intent"
5. Alex Eames "Criminal Intent"
6. Stella Bonesara "CSI NY"
7. Gloria Nathan "Oz"
8. Abbie Carmichael "Law & Order"
9. Brian Cassidy "SVU"
10. Catalina "My Name is Earl"

Criminal Intent tonight *spoilers* )

I'm going through my old e-mails in my inbox, clearing it out, and I came across this comment from [ profile] colin_chaotic: And I totally could've guessed that you'd like T-Bag. Bwaha.

I'm not quite sure what that says about me that she knew I would like T-Bag. Hmm....
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( May. 13th, 2006 01:50 pm)
Happy birthday to [ profile] verbalthing! And an early happy birthday to [ profile] visionofblue just in case I forget to mention it tomorrow. :)

Looking through job listings I found this requirement under a listing for a receptionist: "Candidate must be aggressively friendly". Ooooooookay.

The wait till Monday's new "Prison Break" is killing me! I need to take my mind off it somehow. I'm thinking about watching some "MST3K" which always cheers me up. Maybe some "Oz", but watching a prison drama is just gonna make me think about that other prison drama with the spoiler that is upsetting me so much. Maybe I could watch some of the season 5 episodes of "SVU" that I bought on DVD and have never watched. Oooh Casey, yummy!

I watched "Species III" last night. It was gross, and stupid, and gross, and pointless, and did I mention really gross? Robert's character died after about an hour and I was like fuck this, I'm done. How does it end? Hell if I know.

I was looking at someone's livejournal that had a header with T-Bag on it and my mom walked by and said "Oooh Kristie's looking at her boyfriend."
This poll idea was stolen from [ profile] colin_chaotic:

[Poll #727027]

Got this meme from [ profile] audragoren:

List your fandoms and your favorite character, ship, and episode from each )

Your Brain is 33% Female, 67% Male

You have a total boy brain
Logical and detailed, you tend to look at the facts
And while your emotions do sway you sometimes...
You never like to get feelings too involved


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