Found out the season premiere dates for all of my shows:

September 3rd - Bones
September 18th - Supernatural
September 24th - Criminal Minds
September 25th - My Name is Earl
September 29th - Chuck
October 3rd - Life

I'm dying to see the Criminal Minds season premiere. I have to know who got blowed up! I'm really hoping it's JJ and she will lose the baby and also her annoying boyfriend will end up dead. That way I won't have to suffer through the stupid baby storyline which would totally ruin my second favorite show.

I know I don't watch Prison Break anymore but I did hear a spoiler that has me going wtf? Cutting for Prison Break spoiler )
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( Jun. 5th, 2008 12:31 am)
Shows I started watching in the fall:

Show(s) I lost along the way:
CSI NY and Prison Break

Show(s) I picked up along the way:
Bones and Life

Show(s) I'm thinking of for next season:
Maybe Fringe but I'm not sure

Best season opener:
Criminal Minds

Worst season opener:

Best season finale:

Worst season finale:
Criminal Minds (because the ending pissed me off) and they brought back JJ's boyfriend who I hate.

Series that dealt with the strike well:

Series that did not deal with the strike well:
Bones (I felt like they crammed a whole bunch of stuff into the finale that maybe they would've spread out if they had more episodes)

Show(s) I'm most impressed with this season:

Show(s) I'm most disappointed in this season:
My Name is Earl

Show(s) I'm looking forward to coming back:
Supernatural, Criminal Minds, Bones, Chuck, My Name is Earl

Show(s) that really shouldn't have gotten renewed:
ER and Prison Break

Show(s) that shouldn't have been cancelled:
I didn't watch any of the shows that were cancelled.
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( Feb. 19th, 2008 01:58 pm)
Look it's Jensen down under with a couple of the stars of "Chuck"

Speaking of "Chuck", NBC has officially picked it up for a second season. They've also picked up "Life" for next season.
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( Nov. 25th, 2007 07:03 pm)
Made a couple icons from Fresh Blood:

(I love how the Gordon one came out)

Also I made icons for Lyrical Pursuit winners
Read more... )

Supernatural and Chuck icons )

The weather here is insane. Monday it was in the 80's, right now it's 56.
There are still five lyrics unguessed in my Lyrical Pursuit post. You have through Thursday to play if you want to, on Friday I will post the answers.

Here are the icons I've made for the winners plus a couple of miscellaneous icons I made including my first ever Chuck icon (Yay for new fandoms, hope it doesn't get cancelled).

Click it baby, you know you want to )

This meme is fun. Do you guys think I should make it a regular thing? I could do it like once or twice a month.


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