Picspam time. ;)

I made screencaps from the CSI NY season finale "Snow Day". They're all of Stella.

Wet hot Stella! )
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( May. 11th, 2007 09:37 am)
20 Multi-Fandom icons
*Warning spoilers for last night's Supernatural*

Icons from Supernatural, CSI NY, and Alias )
Spoilers for Criminal Minds and CSI NY )

I just have to say how much I love Stella. She is one of the best female characters on TV. She kicks ass but she's not Ms. Perfect saving the world all by her lonesome like a certain SVU character *cough*Benson*cough*. Writers pay attention, this is how you do a strong female character!

Speaking of kickass female characters, I know a lot of people are less than pleased with Veronica Mars (the character) this season but I still loves me some V. If only she'd get over that unfortunate attachment to a whiny, pathetic, sorry excuse for a bad boy. Seriously am I the only person who hates Logan? There has to be somebody besides me out there.
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( Oct. 4th, 2006 10:29 pm)
Spoilers for CSI NY )

Also look at the icon I made:

Hee, I crack myself up.
I have decided to buy minutes for my cellphone so I can play Playmania on GSN and hopefully win enough money to buy the rest of Buffy. My plan is probably doomed to failure but I gotta try.

I have now seen every scene of Jensen's in Smallville, which is good timing since I'm gonna start on his episodes of Dawson's Creek now! If anybody else is interested in seeing him on there, but avoiding the rest of the episodes *L*, go to the media section at Jensen Ackles Fans and you can download them.

I found out that I can resell my Dawson's DVD for like $24! So I will totally make back all the money I paid for it. I am a financial genius! My brother told me not to buy it there cause it was probably just as cheap online. Psh, shows what he knows.

I watched "Prophecy Girl" earlier. Damn Sarah Michelle Gellar kills me everytime with how good she is in the scene where Buffy finds out about the prophecy that says she's gonna die.

Cutting for a spoilery comment on CSI NY )
I made a new colorbar for my favorite law enforcement ladies!
Alex, Casey and Stella love )

They are the epitome of strong female characters and they're the reason I will always watch their respective shows no matter how crappy they get.

BTW Alex/Casey/Stella is my crossover OTP! Any combo of the three would definetly make me happy. Too bad nobody writes them. The reason they need to be crossed-over with each other is that no one* on their own show is good enough for them (except for Barek and she's gone now *pout*).

*I'm referring to femslash possibilities as I do not read het. The only het pairing I actually like is Alex/Bobby but I don't read it.
For some reason a bunch of spam e-mails are getting through my filter and being delivered to my Yahoo address. Today I recieved one with this subject line: New weight loos breakthrought
Ever hear of proofreading people?

Thanks to [ profile] colleendetroit I now know how to put images in my sidebar. So go check out my new layout! I'm not thrilled with the colors but I'm tired of messing with it, so they stay that way for now. Also in the show pictures some cast members had to be cropped out in order to get the pictures to be the size I wanted. The Prison Break one is missing Veronica (and I like her too, darn!), Kellerman and Warden Pope. House is missing Cuddy and Wilson. Without a Trace is missing Samantha (no great loss there), For Alias I had to crop out Marshall, Dixon, Sloane and Weiss. And Said is missing from the Oz one. Ooh and I almost forgot, Huang isn't in the SVU one.

I just watched "Jaded". In it Robert Knepper plays the best friend (and later love interest) of a woman who is raped by two other women. They aired it on Logo which I thought was kinda strange. I mean sure it has a lot of gay content but not in a very positive light. Not that the movie was all "Lesbians are bad and evil and they will rape you!" or anything.
CSI NY tonight *spoilers* )

The previews for Without a Trace are worrying me. I have this horrible feeling they are gonna shoot Anne! They can't kill her, I love her! Why can't Elena die? I haven't actually heard this anywhere but the way my shows are going this season I wouldn't be suprised. :(
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( Apr. 30th, 2006 12:32 am)
Have now officially watched every episode of Prison Break. I downloaded "Brother's Keeper" and "J-Cat" for my mom to watch as she hasn't seen them before. I re-watched the T-Bag scenes in "Brother's Keeper" and I have an opinion that kind of contradicts the opinions of other T-Bag fans Cutting for long winded explanation and quotes )

I'll probably watch "Brothers Keeper" all the way through again and at least watch the T-Bag scenes in "J-Cat" cause the panties thing was hilarious.

I also have now watched every episode of Criminal Intent. Speaking of which, all three L&O's got renewed! I know My Name is Earl and Prison Break have been picked up for another season. Don't know about House or Without a Trace but they probably will be. And I don't really care about CSI NY anymore. I don't know what it is but I'm just like so over the CSIs. I don't like the original anymore, I never liked Miami and I find myself less and less interested in watching NY. I love Stella, and I like Flack but I don't know if those two are enough to keep me watching. *shrug*
In all my fandoms I have one character who I adore above all others. Sometimes I don't even know why it is I adore them so much, I just do.

Prison Break-T-Bag
Without a Trace-Danny
Criminal Intent-Eames
CSI NY-Stella
Harry Potter-Hermione

As far as fanfic goes I don't have OTPs so much as I have OTCs (one true character), the character I will read paired up with almost anyone. It's usually the character I consider my favorite but for some it's different. Like in SVU it would be Munch or Cassidy; HP would be Snape. And it usually has to be a slash pairing. I really don't like het at all.

To all you people who ask us slashers "Why do you have to make everybody gay?" I say "Why do you have to make everybody straight?"

The Beecher/Keller shippers really get me. I myself am a fan of those two on the show but I am realistic. I see the relationship for what it is; completely and utterly fucked up and destructive. Those people who complain that they didn't have a happy ending are delusional. I saw someone say they wanted the show to end with those two getting out of prison, moving in together and raising Beecher's kids. UM WTF?! Those two aren't going to set up a house with a white picket fence and be normal. One of them would end up killing the other. Keller is a psychopath, sorry but it's true. He loved Beecher in his own way, but that is far from a healthy, normal way. And you may be saying "But you ship Ryan/Gloria." True, but only within the confines of the prison. I have no delusions that Ryan and Gloria could get married and go skipping through the daisies together. I want them to stay as they are: Ryan behind bars obsessing over her, her obsessing over him and hating herself for it, and no big happy ever after ending. This is Oz people, wake up and smell the coffee.

Getting down off my soapbox now.
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( Apr. 6th, 2006 11:17 pm)
[ profile] alazysod posted about visiting the Parents Television Council website and I just had to check it out for myself.

I can understand not wanting your children to see certain shows but when you get up on your high horse and talk about shows being disgusting and immoral that pisses me off!

What the Parent Television Council has to say about the shows I watch )

If the site was just about saying "Hey there's a show we think you might not want your kids to watch" that would be fine. But they have all these petitions and shit about censoring TV and taking indecent programming of the air. Look if you don't want to watch it, fine. If you don't want your kids to watch it, stop them. Don't try to get every show you don't like thrown off the air!
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( Mar. 30th, 2006 12:25 am)
Lindsay, please go back to Montana. I cannot stand you or your obvious attempts to get into Danny's pants.

Also this picture makes me really want to find some Stella/Aiden slash.
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( Mar. 26th, 2006 01:36 pm)
Been feeling depressed lately so I'm trying to do some little things to cheer me up.

Thus picspam of my TV significant others:
You look so fine )

Also my DVD collection
I <3 my DVDs )
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( Mar. 22nd, 2006 12:40 pm)
Well since the GLBT group has basically fallen apart now I will be home tonight to watch CSI NY and, since they moved it to an earlier time slot, Law & Order.

I really want some soda right now (hello, addicted to it!). Also Pepperidge Farm milano cookies. MMM those things are so expensive but sooooo good.

I want to get drunk. I've never been drunk before and I feel I should experience that.

Voted for Lisa Tucker over 30 times last night because she is so very pretty. Also what was the deal with Constantine Maroulis sitting in the audience with Ryan Cabrera? Where they on a date or something?
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( Mar. 19th, 2006 11:07 am)
List Your Top Six Favorite Shows.

1. Oz
2. SVU
3. Criminal Intent
5. Without a Trace
6. House

Do not click until you make your list )
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( Mar. 15th, 2006 11:55 am)
I rented "Good Night, and Good Luck" and "Traffic" (Enrique is in it) today. I also ordered the Margaret Cho collection, Margaret Cho's "Assassin" DVD and pre-ordered Sarah Waters new book "The Night Watch". I mention this cause I know you all want to hear about every little thing I do. *L*

I do have some info that other people on my flist might be interested in:
Starting on March 26th Lee Tergesen is supposed to start appearing on "Desperate Housewives". Read about it here.
Also Season 2 of "Rescue Me" will be out on May 9th.

Taken from [ profile] powerof3
Icon meme )
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( Mar. 11th, 2006 07:38 pm)
Today has been a really bad day, very trying emotionally, but I have cherry coke and ice cream with cookies crumbled in it to cheer me up. Plus this:

Procedural Dramas Blogs...I claimed Stella Bonesara from CSI NY

Stella is mine! Mwahahahahaha!!!

Now I'm off to find Danny/Martin slash to further improve my mood.
Scratch that, apparently I'm in full blown emo, gotta listen to my music to kill yourself by, mood. *sigh*
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( Mar. 2nd, 2006 11:31 pm)
The CBS website doesn't have an address to send fan mail to CSI NY, all they have is one for Miami. Umm wtf?! How am I supposed to write to Melina Kanakaredes?!

I'm trying to find an address for Diane Neal on the NBC website right now.

CSI NY, My Name is Earl and Without a Trace. Beware of spoilers )

Edit: I found addresses for both Melina and Diane!

Melina Kanakaredes
c/o "CSI: New York"
7800 Beverly Blvd.
Los Angeles, California 90036

Diane Neal
c/o Law And Order: Special Victims Unit
23rd Street And Hudson River
New York, NY 10011


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