Video of Chris Lowell and Kristen Bell being hilarious together!

I got my CDs from BMG yesterday. Well all except AC/DC which was on backorder.

The entire "Bat Out of Hell II" album is love. I just adore Meat Loaf's music. I wish I could do animated icons I'd make one with a picture of Sam that says "Good boys go to heaven" and then a picture of Dean that says "Bad boys go everywhere".

Jet's "Get Born" album is pretty good.

I gotta say Classic Rock Gold had a lot more good songs than Rock: The Train Kept Rolling. They both had a lot of songs that were played on Supernatural though. Both albums had "Don't Fear the Reaper" but I don't like "Don't Fear the Reaper". They also both had "Cat Scratch Fever" which hasn't been on SPN but I could totally see Dean liking that song.

Here are some of the songs I got from those cds:

"Runaway Train" which I already have but I love it so freaking much there are no words!

"I Want You To Want Me" by Cheap Trick! (I had a cover by Letters to Cleo but there's nothing like the original)

"Walk This Way" (I have loved Aerosmith since I was like 12 years old)

"Bad Company" and "Rock You Like A Hurricane" which were both played on SPN but I never downloaded them.

"Here I Go Again" and "Born to Be Wild" and "American Woman" and "Slow Ride"!

Now I can order Def Leppard as my C.D that I have to buy to get the rest. I'm gonna get "Bat Out of Hell" as one of my four free cds. Any suggestions as to what I should get for the other three free ones?
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( Feb. 17th, 2007 01:53 pm)
Not dial-up safe. Not exactly work safe either but there's no actual nudity.

I like boobies )
I had a truly rotten day today. It's scary how much this icon represented my attitude earlier. But now I've calmed down and no longer feel the need to inflict bodily harm on others.

I was trying to figure out how tall Chris Lowell is compared to Jensen Ackles (because I'm strange like that) so I took and compared pictures of the two standing next to Kristen Bell.

No one can reach the height of random fangirliness I have attained. )

The RPS has poisioned my mind. Besides wanting Jensen/Jared/Kristen, I now want Jensen/Jared/Chris. Or how about we make it a party and have all four of them?

Look a picture with all four of them in it )

New Veronica Mars tonight. I really hope Piz is in this one. If not I will lose the zen attitude I have acquired.

"Shook Me All Night Long" just came on! Rock on bitches!
I love The Soup. I can't belive I just now started watching it. I loved this week's segment: CW show or porn? You know if Smallville really did have gay porn in it I'd totally start watching! I loves me some gay porn. Oh and the Smoking Aces trailer they had, with John Wilkes Booth and Dick Cheney being part of the cast! And the part about a hundred cliches, a thousand actors. *LMAO* I need some Soup icons now. I think I might develop a crush on Joel McHale. I can't resist funny men.

Ooh you know what else was hilarious this week? On the Best Week Ever when they had the parody of the Kleenex "let it out" commercials and the one guy was talking about how now that Passions and The O.C were canceled how was he supposed to go on? And then he stabbed himself in the neck with a knife and bled all over the therapist guy. And the therapist guy used the Kleenex to clean the blood off his face. Hilarious and gross! :D

Have you seen the new community [ profile] thebeckles? It's for Jensen Ackles/Kristen Bell and Dean/Veronica. I totally dig the Dean/Veronica thing but Jensen/Kristen? Seems a little out of nowhere. Although I still totally want to see a threesome fic based on this picture. Come on, how great would slightly drunk Jared/Jensen/Kristen sex be?!
Remember how I bought "The Crush" basically just so I could screencap it? Well now I want to do the same thing with "Blonde". I haven't found any good caps of it anywhere and there really should be some caps that can do justice to Jensen's extreme hotness in that movie. I really need to watch Jensen's scenes again anyway. I mean he has threesomes with another man! It's not explicit but the implication is enough to destroy my panties.

I made some icons of Jensen in "Blonde". I also made icons from Veronica Mars #3.10 "Show Me the Monkey". And last but not least a couple miscellaneous icons.


Remember Veronica, just say no to Logan )
Sexy people meme )

I've been listening to "you done me wrong" love songs today and totally relating them to Piz. It's interesting how all those songs are from the women's P.O.V. Guys get their hearts broken too you know. And ya, I know Veronica didn't technically do anything wrong to Piz, although she had to know he's interested, she can't be that clueless. But I think she kinda strings him along a little. The point is my poor Piz is hurting because of V and it hurts me. I need caps from that episode because I want to make icons with lyrics from the song "Piece of My Heart".
I'm not having the best day, feeling kinda sick. (I'm hungry but after the violent reaction my body had earlier to food I'm a little afraid to eat anything.) But [ profile] anteka asked people to tell her what makes them happy so I made a list:

-Jensen in all his forms: as Dean, as Alec, as Jason, as C.J, and as himself
-Jensen & Jared's big gay love
-[ profile] visionofblue
-My girls Harry and Tigger
-My Buffy DVDs
-New episodes of my fictional shows
-My funny non-fiction shows: The Daily Show, The Best Week Ever, The Soup
-Seeing people using my icons

[ profile] la_folle_allure posted a picture of Jensen and Kristen Bell today that's pretty happy-inducing. *sigh* They really would make the most beautiful babies, wouldn't they?
OMG "Pulse" sucked so very very much. It was kind of like "The Ring", but crappier. If that's even possible. Kristen Bell why? Why would you make such a crappy movie? It seems like every actor has to be in a crappy horror movie at one point in their career. Have you noticed that? It's odd. Also I want to know what blackmail material they had on Ron Rifkin to get him to be in that movie.
Harry is jealous of Sammy. She keeps jumping into my lap and wanting to be petted while I'm the computer and she walks all over it and rubs against my hands while I try to type. It's cute but also a little annoying. Right now she's asleep in my lap.

After re-watching the season premiere of Veronica Mars last night I realized I officially have a crush on Piz. Which makes me sad because VM is going to be canceled and there will be no more Piz. All we got was one season of Pizness. :*(

Icons from Buffy season 3 )

My brother rented "Pulse" and since Kristen Bell is in it I will be watching it with him. Looks crappy but Kristen Bell is so yummy.

Also tonight I will be breaking out the kleenex to watch the final episode of Alias.
10 All I want for Christmas icons )

I'm taking requests. If there's a celebrity that I don't have that you want an "All I want for Christmas" icon for, just ask and ye shall recieve. You can even ask for more than one, I'll make a limit of 5 per person. :)
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( Nov. 18th, 2006 07:30 pm)
16 icons of Jensen, Jared, Kristen, Chris and Piz.

CW Stars and Veronica Mars )
Veronica when are you gonna wise up and dump Logan's ass? He never has been, and definetly never will be, good enough for you.

If Piz = <3 and Veronica = <3, does Piz + Veronica = <3 ?
(Maybe, they are cute together)

Wallpapers of pretty girls )
I made a silly header with my three favorite CW stars:
I smell a threesome )
Don't worry I'm back on my meds.

Nekkid Jensen Picspam!!!
Kristen Bell Picspam!

There you go, tons of pictures that take forever for me to see because of my crappy dial-up. But my mom informed me that we are going to get high speed cable internet access soon! :D

Also that accent quiz that everybody else is taking for I am a sheep.
Baaah )
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( Nov. 2nd, 2006 03:18 pm)
I had this dream last night. It was like I was watching a movie I guess but I was deciding what happened in it. It had Kristen Bell in it and she was in like the mob or something but she was the good guy. Jensen Ackles was the bad guy but Kristen's character was into him. He kidnapped her and was kissing her face and talking all sexy to her and she kissed him and they started making out and the scene cut like they do in movies or TV to imply sex but not show it. Apparently I couldn't control the fact that the movie in my dream was PG-13. *pout* The dream ended with her having to kill him and being all sad about it. Anyway the making out was hot and now I really want to see some Jensen/Kristen fic. Wouldn't they just make the most gorgeous couple?! They'd have such beautiful blonde babies together. *L*
You know what site is awesome? It has links to free music downloads. All you have to do is put in the name of a song or an artist and it will find any free downloads that are available! I have gotten a whole lot of songs from there.

Also this site lists celebrity fan mail addresses for free. I've found a lot of sites that make you pay for a subscription to them just to find addresses. Screw that shit! Anyway since my success in getting Robert Knepper's autograph I decided to make a list of celebrities to write to. I got all their addresses from that site and as soon as I move (I don't want my autographs going to my old address, I don't trust the mail forwarding thing) I will send them off.

The list o' celebs I plan to write
Jensen Ackles
Kristen Bell
Amber Benson
Victor Garber
Diane Neal
Kathryn Erbe
Melina Kanakaredes

P.S. LJ fix your fucking time thing!!!
Supernatural friending meme, yo.

Where the frack can I find Kristen Bell as Veronica Mars promo pictures? I need it for a header.
Is it weird that I desperately want to see Dean Winchester paired up with Veronica Mars?* Am I the only person who thinks that would be an interesting pairing? I don't think it's just a case of "Ooh lets put pretty person 1 with pretty person 2 regardless of the fact that they wouldn't have any chemistry at all." I honestly think they would work... not for a long term thing of course, Dean has to stay on the road, but you know they could be cute together for a short time.

Anyway I have icons:
10 of Jensen Ackles and 10 of Kristen Bell )

Ooh does anybody have a copy of the Veronica Mars theme song? I love it. Never mind, found a copy.

*I personally think it's weird because I never like het pairings.


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