I got this from both [livejournal.com profile] dragonessasmith and [livejournal.com profile] colin_chaotic. This meme is hard but so cool. I want to see everybody on my flist's answers.

Fandom as dating meme )
*sigh* Why is the sound on my computer fucked up? It worked fine last night. I don't know what to do to try to fix it.
Okay so it's working now. *shrug*

[livejournal.com profile] colleendetroit just posted her new Ryan O'Reily doll and she used the head from "Beach Fun Ken", a.k.a Plastic Dean! I'd know that head anywhere. Wow it's bizarre that plastic Dean and Ryan would have the same head.

I'm watching season 5 of Alias now and I just love that my show has exchanges like this:
Jack-"Cover your mother. If she even so much as blinks..."
Sydney-"I'll shoot her."

The Bristows are the ultimate dysfunctional family. Also loved seeing Will back. It was so funny when he found out he had a bomb in his head and Marshall said it was a small bomb and it wouldn't do too much damage. Will was like so I'll be okay and Marshall said no, but there won't be any collateral damage. *LMAO* Bascially saying your head's gonna explode but we'll be fine. Of course it reminded me of the Dark Angel episode when Alec had a bomb in his head, it's not like a bomb in the head is that common a plot device. You know Alec was much more calm about it than Will was.
1. I stayed away from you for a long time because I thought you were too dark for me. But when I finally gave in I fell hard for you. I was really into you for awhile but after time your flaws drove me away. I still look back on you fondly though.

2. You are my biggest love, my soulmate. Though we drifted apart for a time, we're back together now and all those old feelings are still there.
"Buffy the Vampire Slayer"

3. Sometimes I wonder why I'm with you. There's so much about you that I find fault with but somehow you keep drawing me back in. Our relationship is like a roller coaster ride that I doubt I'll be getting off anytime soon.
"Prison Break"

4. Our relationship is pretty new but I really like you. I wish I had met you sooner but I hope we have many years together.
"Veronica Mars"

5. You are my red hot lover baby! Sexy, exciting and fun. I'm so happy I found you. :D

6. You were like an addiction and there were times I didn't know why I was with you. I did dump you briefly but I took you back and I don't regret it.

7. You were my first love and we're still friends. You always make me laugh.
Mystery Science Theater 3000"

8. At first I was a little ashamed to be with you because everybody said you were too immature. But those people don't know the real you. You are just full of suprises and I can't wait to see what you will do next.
"Harry Potter"
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( Oct. 27th, 2006 09:19 pm)
I watched some of Alias season 4 tonight. I was working my way through season 4 when I stopped to watch Buffy season 1. Then shortly after starting season 2 of Buffy I started watching season 1 of Veronica Mars. But since Alias season 5 is coming out next month I decided I should finish season 4. I only have six more episodes to go.

My mom had this weird attitude about me watching Veronica Mars. So I said do you even know what it's about? And she said no. I said well what do you think it's about? And she said it's like Beverly Hills 90210 isn't it? I said um no, why would I watch anything like that?! And she said well you watched that show once. Ya, for one season when I was 10 years old! I don't think you can hold anything I liked when I was 10 years old against me. I mean I liked the New Kids on the Block back then for crying out loud! The point is I don't do soap operas. I know that shows that are on during primetime aren't called that but they basically are just soap operas that air at night with better actors. I can't watch a show that's just about people's boring personal dramas. All the shows that have a continuing storyline that I've been a fan of had something extra to make it interesting. Like Buffy was about fighting vampires; Alias was about spies; Oz was about prison; Supernatural is about fighting demons; Veronica Mars has the whole detective angle. The only show I really watched that was pretty close to a soap opera was Queer as Folk but it was about gay people, so there was a twist.
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( Aug. 16th, 2006 02:40 pm)
The Sam Goody's here closed! That sucks. It was the only place in town to buy DVDs and C.Ds. Now we just have Wal-Mart and K-Mart and their selection sucks. Sure Sam Goody's always charged the highest possible prices but at least they had a decent selection and they could do pre-orders.

Still taking icon requests. Please ask me for an icon.
The icons I've made so far for it )

It's my mom's birthday today, so Happy Birthday Mom!!!
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( Aug. 12th, 2006 01:56 pm)
Taken from [livejournal.com profile] verbalthing:
From each of your fandoms, choose your favorite character, ship & episode. One only! )

I want to say thank you to [livejournal.com profile] cinderblock42, [livejournal.com profile] xxxpromisexxx and [livejournal.com profile] visionofblue for the lovely birthday cards they sent me. ([livejournal.com profile] visionofblue, could you tell Ziggy and Kitty Pooh thanks for me?)

Check it out, I made a little Dean and baby Sammy icon! :)
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( Aug. 3rd, 2006 01:30 pm)
So according to my poll results thus far Casey is the best ADA (of course), T-Bag is the hottest escaped convict (duh), every single person on my flist is a Dean girl (Sam gets no love), most of my flist are cat owners (yay for cat people), and Vern is evil.

I got my hair cut today! It's much shorter and I love it. It's all butch dyke fabulous. My mom and the hairdresser told me it looks cute on me. I'd provide a picture but the digital camera I bought was crap and I returned it. I'll take a pic with my regular camera and one day get it developed and scanned for y'all.

I have to go to my therapist today. Blech, I hate going there. I don't want to talk about my feelings. I want to keep them all bottled up inside until one day I explode and kill everyone around me! Is that so much to ask?!

My mom is a total Mike Rowe fangirl but she's in denial about it. She just keeps saying she likes the show when I mention it. But the other day she was trying to tape it and it wasn't working. She came poundng on my door in a panic, telling me the show was coming on and I had to get the tape fixed now! She also said that Mike has his shirt off in this one. Ya mom, you just like the show. Just keep telling yourself that.

It's not so hot out today as it's been lately. There's supposed to be storms tonight. I hope they're not too bad that we can't watch TV. Supernatural is on tonight and I have two episodes of Carnivale I need to watch so I can mail them back to Blockbuster tomorrow.
Couldn't sleep last night and started coming up with random poll questions to ask my flist.

[Poll #784128]
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( Jul. 25th, 2006 12:55 am)
OMG I'm watching this special on IFC about queer cinema and they showed clips from this movie called "Punks" and they show a clip of C-Note (Rockmond Dunbar) making out with another guy! And that other guy is the guy who played Clayton Hughes on Oz! I might have squealed just a little too loudly. ;)
I have gone from considering buying Supernatural season 1 to being absolutely determined to do it. Although I still don't know how I will be able to afford it. It comes out September 5th, which is the same day that Oz season 6 comes out. Oddly enough I'm not that determined to get that one. I'm a bad Oz fan. I hope Vern doesn't find out, he might burn a swastika on my ass.

Packages are taking forever to reach me. I ordered Alias season 2 like a month ago and it never arrived. I wrote the seller but they claimed they didn't get the order until a week after I ordered. I don't think so! I filed a claim against them at Amazon. I also haven't recieved Alias season 4 which I ordered a few days after season 2. I'm probably gonna have to file against those guys too. Plus there's a couple other things I ordered (but not from Amazon Marketplace) that I have been waiting awhile on. Clearly the postal service is conspiring against me! If I do not recieve Prison Break season 1 in a timely fashion I will be forced to blow up the local post office in retaliation.*

*I am completely joking and would never, ever think of blowing up anything let alone a government building. And I salute the brave men who are monitoring the internet and reading this right now. Please don't throw me in jail. :)
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( Jul. 19th, 2006 09:51 pm)
I still love Oz. *whew* I was worried I didn't like it anymore since the last couple times I watched it I didn't really enjoy it. It must have been my mood or something cause tonight I watched a couple and ya, the Oz love? Still there. :)

This may also be a sign I am coming out of my depression. *crosses fingers*

C.O-"You looking for some spank time in the hole?"
Robson-"Uh no."

Not funny alone but the way Robson said it was priceless. I find myself liking Robson more and more. Damn Aryans, why you gotta be so charismatic?! You're supposed to be despicable, stop making me like you.

One of the episodes I watched is the one where Ryan asks Gloria to help him and Cyril escape. In the next episode she tells him what Sara should have told Michael: Hell no!
I was listening to iTunes and thinking about all the songs that remind me of TV characters and I just had to post about it.

Extreme geekiness in here )
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( Jul. 14th, 2006 10:00 pm)
I can't believe I didn't post a single entry yesterday. I've been kind of busy. I got some fish! Four of: Theodore (but everybody calls him T-Bag), Jack (after my Spydaddy), Casey (after my favorite ADA) and Alex (for Eames).

Tonight I had a riot marathon. I watched the riot episodes of Prison Break and Oz.

It was really stupid of them on Prison Break to think they could just let the guard go and he wouldn't say anything. I find it very hard to believe that Abruzzi, the mob boss, would have a problem killing him. Abruzzi is cold-blooded why would he suddenly have a problem killing someone?

Some of my favorite quotes from "Riots, Drills and the Devil":

T-Bag-"Bellick, I got one for ya. Whaddya call a piece of white trash who couldn’t pass the cops exam and now makes less than a mailman? A C.O."

Bellick-"You know Teddy you really let me down and that’s hard to do because I don’t expect much from the inbred child of a retard."

T-Bag-"Oh just what I thought! Piglets are scared of the big bad wolf! Big bad wolf!"

T-Bag-"I’m just kickin’ it with Deputy Dog. You know, talkin’ women."

T-Bag-"After I kill you, I’m gonna crawl out that hole and call me up a limousine and me and yo’ baby’s goin’ to the prom.

I noticed that the Prison Break and Oz riots had a couple of things in common. They both had a rookie C.O get killed and in both the dickhead governor called in the troops to end the riot. Here's some more comparisons of the riots.

Riot started because
Oz: A couple of guys got in a fight over a game of checkers.
Prison Break: Michael shut the air conditioning off.

Who lead the riot
Oz: Mostly Said; but also Ryan, Miguel, Adebissi and Scott Ross.
Prison Break: T-Bag until he discovered the escape plan.

Hostages taken
Oz: 6, after McManus traded himself for the two wounded C.Os (McManus, Father Mukada and 4 C.Os)
Prison Break: 2 (Dr. Tancredi and a C.O)

I leave you now with a quote from the Oz episode "A Game of Checkers" (which just happens to be my favorite Oz quote ever):

Said-"Now I am not saying that the men in Oz are innocent. I am saying that they are not here because of the crimes that they commmitted but because of the color of their skin! Their lack of education, the fact that they are poor. You see this is not about getting smoking back, or conjugal rights. It's not even about life in prison. It's about society taking responsibility! It's about the whole horrid judicial system! Now we don't need more prisons, bigger prisons, better prisons. We need better justice."
I was hoping season 2 of Alias would come in the mail today. I finished season 1 of it, and Prison Break, tonight. I was hoping to start on Alias season 2 and finish up re-watching Oz (I have four episodes of season 4, and all of seasons 5 and 6 to go)

BTW the best part of the Alias finale is Will attacking the guy who was torturing him and calling him a little bitch. *LOL* I <3 Will. The second best part was him hugging Jack and Jack awkwardly putting one arm around him. *L* Spydaddy isn't a "hugger".

Earlier I was thinking about watching some Johnny Depp movies again. Darn "PotC" sequel, it wasn't that good but it's got me possibly crushing on Johnny again. I still have quite a few of his movies in my DVD library. I've got Benny & Joon, Sleepy Hollow, Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas, Ed Wood, Edward Scissorhands, Nightmare on Elm Street and Donnie Brasco. I used to be quite proud of the fact that I had seen every Johnny Depp movie*. I can't claim that now though, as I haven't seen "The Libertine" or "The Corpse Bride". I so don't need to get into another fandom though. (Yes, Johnny is a fandom)

*Hell, I even saw every episode of "21 Jump Street" he was in.
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( Jul. 1st, 2006 06:15 pm)
August is gonna be a good month for me! Look at all the stuff that happens next month:

August 8th-Prison Break season 1 on DVD (got mine pre-ordered)
August 10th-My birthday!
August 16th-My mom's birthday
August 22nd-Poseidon on DVD (Mia, my lovely Mia!)
August 28th-Prison Break season premiere!!!

Today I watched "Wild Thing" which is a truly bizarre old movie that Robert Knepper starred in. It has a lot of people I recognized in it though. It had Robert Davi, who is the go-to-guy when you need a really, really ugly man for a part. Usually for bad guy roles but he did play a good guy on "Profiler". Betty Buckley, who played Ryan's mom on "Oz", was in it. Clark Johnson who was on "Homicide" and in another RK movie called "Renegades" was in it. And it had two of the actors from a cheap horror movie called "Zombie Nightmare" that was watched on "MST3K". That is one of my absolute favorite "MST3K" episodes! I have it on tape so I can watch it over and over again. Anyway the guy who played the psychotic jackass Jimbo was in this movie, plus the blonde girl who played the blonde girl who gets killed in her underwear in "Zombie Nightmare". The plot of the "Zombie Nightmare" movie is basically a guy gets hit by a car and dies and his mom has this voodoo lady turn him into a zombie so he can go kill the 5 teenagers who were in the car that killed him. Oh and Tia Carrera and Adam West are in it. And it really sucks.

Now I leave you with some of my fave quotes from that episode:

Crow-"And Tia Carrera, we might actually have to pay attention!"

Jimbo-"When Jimbo wastes a guy, he stays wasted."
Tom Servo-"Hey that's a good slogan."

Mike-"John Goodman on Hume Cronyn's back could outrun this guy!"

Tom Servo-"Suddenly the Twist & Creme seemed a much darker place."

Crow-"Ah the club 'Jobless'"
Mike-"Office temps cut loose"

Tom Servo-"You know it takes a real man to wear Farrah Fawcett hair."

Tom Servo-"What stage of grieving is this?"
Mike-"It's the goofy stage."

Tom Servo-"Searching three provinces for sleazy chicks."

Crow-"She's hiding behind a WINDOW!"
For some reason a bunch of spam e-mails are getting through my filter and being delivered to my Yahoo address. Today I recieved one with this subject line: New weight loos breakthrought
Ever hear of proofreading people?

Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] colleendetroit I now know how to put images in my sidebar. So go check out my new layout! I'm not thrilled with the colors but I'm tired of messing with it, so they stay that way for now. Also in the show pictures some cast members had to be cropped out in order to get the pictures to be the size I wanted. The Prison Break one is missing Veronica (and I like her too, darn!), Kellerman and Warden Pope. House is missing Cuddy and Wilson. Without a Trace is missing Samantha (no great loss there), For Alias I had to crop out Marshall, Dixon, Sloane and Weiss. And Said is missing from the Oz one. Ooh and I almost forgot, Huang isn't in the SVU one.

I just watched "Jaded". In it Robert Knepper plays the best friend (and later love interest) of a woman who is raped by two other women. They aired it on Logo which I thought was kinda strange. I mean sure it has a lot of gay content but not in a very positive light. Not that the movie was all "Lesbians are bad and evil and they will rape you!" or anything.
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( Jun. 21st, 2006 09:25 pm)
Watched Oz tonight. The episode "Cuts Like a Knife", which isn't very good until the last 20 minutes or so when they get into the Schillinger/Beecher/Keller storyline. That's the problem with Oz, they have all these storylines going on at the same time and you have to sit through all the boring ones to get to the good ones. (There was one other really good scene in it where Ryan sang to Cyril. I'm a sucker for the Ryan and Cyril brotherly love.) Anyway I was just thinking about how Schillinger and Keller both got to show more humanity than usual in this one, especially Schillinger. Of course both characters redemption didn't last, this being Oz and all. By the end of the series they were back to their old bad ways but they got to be kind of good-ish, at least briefly.

I still really want to see the Prison Break characters interact with the Oz characters in a fic. Especially T-Bag and Schillinger since they are so alike. They would of course fight over control of the Aryans. Plus Schillinger would hate T-Bag because he's a pedophile. And T-Bag would be taunting Schillinger about Beecher and how he couldn't control his bitch.
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( Jun. 5th, 2006 05:41 pm)
I took this Oz quiz twice. I changed my answers slightly but still answered them truthfully My Results )

I am so annoyed at NBC. They moved their schedule for the fall season around and now Criminal Intent is on at the same time as House! Damnit, now I'll have to tape one of them.
First I have a couple of big thank you's to make: [livejournal.com profile] visionofblue sent me the song "Hate Me" and I love it so very, very much so a big thank you to her! Also [livejournal.com profile] piekid is sending me Alias season 1 on DVD because she doesn't want it. So a huge thank you to her for that! :)

My exciting real life adventures )

I need to find some Alias icons of my two favorite characters Jack and Nadia.


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