Title: "A Dear Veronica Letter"

Pairing: Piz/Veronica

Rating: PG

Summary: A letter from Piz to Veronica.

Spoilers/Warnings: Lets just say all of Veronica Mars season 3 to be safe.

Disclaimer: I dont own these characters. Don't sue me, I'm broke.

Author's Notes: This is a drabble that takes place after "The Bitch is Back". This was inspired by the scene where Logan beat that guy up and Piz showed up and saw how Veronica was looking at Logan. You could see by the look on his face that he knew it was over at that moment.

It was pretty much over before it even started... )
Spoilers for tonight's Prison Break )

Does anybody know for a fact if Piz, Mac or Wallace are going to be on Veronica Mars tomorrow night? I love those guys and I wish we'd get to see them more.

I found an auction on eBay for a bunch of weapons for G.I Joe that I really want to get Dean and Sam. I can't afford it now though and even if I had it I really shouldn't spend my money on that but they need weapons to hunt with damnit!
So because I am anal and weird I made lists of episodes of shows that my favorite actors are in:
Dark Angel episodes featuring Jensen Ackles
Dawsons Creek episodes featuring Jensen Ackles
Smallville episodes featuring Jensen Ackles
Buffy episodes featuring Amber Benson
Veronica Mars episodes featuring Chris Lowell
Prison Break episodes featuring Robert Knepper

I'm not exactly sure what to do with them. I could link to them from my webpage but they aren't graphics.

You ever know you should read your flist but you can't be arsed? That's me alot and then I wind up having to do a massive catch up. But right now all I want to read is the fanfic that's being posted.

I was trying to find out if Piz is in the next Veronica Mars episode and I got a wee bit spoiled about a big upcoming development. Cutting for spoiler )
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( Feb. 11th, 2007 11:26 am)
Title: Three's a Crowd
Pairing: Piz/Dean, Sam/Dean
Rating: R
Summary: Sequel to "Love the One You're With". It's the day after Piz's one night stand with Sam and he can't seem to avoid him or his brother.
Spoilers/Warnings: None
Disclaimer: I don't own any of these characters. Don't sue me, I'm broke.
Author's Notes: This whole story didn't end up being anything like I thought it would. I orignally intended for this to be a Piz/Dean/Sam fic but then Dean and Sam decided to take over and they refused to let Piz play.
Once again a big thanks goes out to my lovely beta [livejournal.com profile] jackiesjunkie.

Three's a Crowd )
I actually wrote some more of my Piz/Dean/Sam fic tonight. I wrote some dialogue with Veronica and Wallace which I find hard because Veronica Mars has such snappy and witty banter. I feel all intimidated and unfunny. On the other hand Sam and Dean aren't that hard to write dialogue wise. Not that Supernatural isn't good but it's more average joe kind of talk. Anyway I really want to finish this fic and not let it be yet another one I started on and gave up because it was hard. Even if nobody likes it, at least I'll have the satisfaction of knowing I did my best.

Claire commented on my last post and she said "Oh lord...Piz showing Dean his guitar...
...Piz playing mullet rock whilst Dean sings..." And I added "You know Sam would be in the corner, rolling his eyes at them." Now I really want to see someone write that fic. Of course like she said Piz wouldn't be so much into the mullet rock but I'm sure they could come up with some song they both like.

You know I love the idea of Piz hanging with Dean and Sam. There's just something about those three together that I love. I don't normally read gen fic but I totally would if it had Piz and the boys.

Edited to add: Look, I made a picture of my SP versions of Piz, Dean and Sam. It's just like in the wonderful fanfic Claire wrote for me, except Piz didn't have his guitar in the fic.
I had a truly rotten day today. It's scary how much this icon represented my attitude earlier. But now I've calmed down and no longer feel the need to inflict bodily harm on others.

I was trying to figure out how tall Chris Lowell is compared to Jensen Ackles (because I'm strange like that) so I took and compared pictures of the two standing next to Kristen Bell.

No one can reach the height of random fangirliness I have attained. )

The RPS has poisioned my mind. Besides wanting Jensen/Jared/Kristen, I now want Jensen/Jared/Chris. Or how about we make it a party and have all four of them?

Look a picture with all four of them in it )

New Veronica Mars tonight. I really hope Piz is in this one. If not I will lose the zen attitude I have acquired.

"Shook Me All Night Long" just came on! Rock on bitches!
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( Jan. 31st, 2007 03:19 pm)
I am needy. Please take this poll. It will take all of two seconds. Please? Do it for Princess?

[Poll #917972]

I may have already started working on said sequel.
Why is there no Piz slash? It makes me sad the lack of Piz slash. You know what else makes me sad? The fact that there is a group on LJ just for hating on Piz. How could you hate Piz? They said he was sleazy. Huh? How is he sleazy? Because he wanted to see girls bathing topless in the first episode? Wallace was right there with him. And Logan totally out sleazes every man ever on that show except Dick. Also they made fun of his hair. I like his hair, a lot. But there were only three people in the community so that makes me feel better.

Does anyone know where I could get a list of all the cities the boys have visited, by episode, on Supernatural? I just suddenly feel the need to know.
Oh Chris Lowell, you done went and made me love you even more:

IGN TV: When you were introduced, there was talk you might be a potential love interest. With Veronica and Logan having just broken up, it seems there might be more of a chance there for Piz.

Lowell: I hope so! I mean, if I don't end up getting it on with Veronica, I'm gonna at least gonna get it on with Logan. That's all I want. One or the other!

Also I got the new TV Guide today and they have a picture of Jensen and Jared at the TCA press tour! I scanned it for you:

They also did a cover story on Criminal Minds (and why the hell isn't Reid in the pic on the cover?). According to the article the writers are thinking of giving Reid a drug problem. Oh please don't. That storyline has been done to death. Don't drive me away when I just started watching.
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( Jan. 29th, 2007 12:28 pm)
I'm posting that fanfic I mentioned yesterday, the one with Piz/Sam and them really wanting Veronica and Dean.

Title: Love the One You're With
Pairing: Piz/Sam
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Piz wants Veronica. Sam wants Dean. They settle for each other.
Spoilers/Warnings: Spoilers for the Veronica Mars episode "Show Me the Monkey" as it takes place right after.
Disclaimer: I don't own any of these characters. Don't sue me, I'm broke.
Author's Notes: It came out less angsty than I thought it would. My wonderful beta [livejournal.com profile] jackiesjunkie fixed my grammar and spelling mistakes and assured me that it doesn't suck. *L* It also features bossy Sam. [livejournal.com profile] jackiesjunkie said "We don't see the "take charge" side of Sammy very often in the show but every once in a while he steps up to the plate. So having him be bossy in the bedroom is quite understandable."

Love the One You're With )
Ask me anything you want, and I'll answer as honestly as possible. It can be about just about anything: fandom(s), pairings, writing, likes/dislikes, even real life. I don't mind personal questions, though I do reserve the right not to answer if it gets way too personal.
Actually I say the more personal the better, why not. Also you can ask me more than one if you want. I'll make it a limit of five though.

I made an alternate version of one of the "Night Shifter" icons I posted. Can't believe I didn't think of this text for it last night:

OMG I totally just got hit with a fanfic idea. It would be called "Love the One You're With" and it'd be Sam/Piz. Sam would be wanting Dean and Piz would want Veronica but they can't have them so they settle for each other. It'd be all angsty and shit.
Remember how I bought "The Crush" basically just so I could screencap it? Well now I want to do the same thing with "Blonde". I haven't found any good caps of it anywhere and there really should be some caps that can do justice to Jensen's extreme hotness in that movie. I really need to watch Jensen's scenes again anyway. I mean he has threesomes with another man! It's not explicit but the implication is enough to destroy my panties.

I made some icons of Jensen in "Blonde". I also made icons from Veronica Mars #3.10 "Show Me the Monkey". And last but not least a couple miscellaneous icons.


Remember Veronica, just say no to Logan )
Sexy people meme )

I've been listening to "you done me wrong" love songs today and totally relating them to Piz. It's interesting how all those songs are from the women's P.O.V. Guys get their hearts broken too you know. And ya, I know Veronica didn't technically do anything wrong to Piz, although she had to know he's interested, she can't be that clueless. But I think she kinda strings him along a little. The point is my poor Piz is hurting because of V and it hurts me. I need caps from that episode because I want to make icons with lyrics from the song "Piece of My Heart".
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( Jan. 23rd, 2007 09:01 pm)
Spoilers for tonight's episode )

Now I'm all saddened. I need some Piz/Dean, or Piz/Sam, or maybe Piz/Dean/Sam to cheer me up. Why, oh why can't other people embrace my weird crossover couplings?!
If I ruled television I would keep Veronica Mars from being cancelled but if even my powers weren't that great I'd make sure that one of the new fall shows next season had Chris Lowell in it. His character would have to be very Piz-like. It would also star Robert Knepper and Victor Garber. And it would be awesome!

P.S. OMG Chris Lowell is younger than me. Wow, I feel like a dirty old woman. He's legal though so I guess it's okay. *L*


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