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( Aug. 8th, 2007 04:08 am)
These are all icons I've posted before (except the Snape ones) but they were all posted one at a time so I just decided to repost them all together and cut down on the number of entries in my LJ memories.

12 multi-fandom icons )
I am bored and so I'm doing a picspam.

Hot people with guns )

I seem to have a little bit of a gun fetish. I'd be concerned if I wasn't so busy being turned on.

I made my website a bit more presentable. I made it so you don't get a new window every time you click on a link (that's just annoying). I made South Park style characters for the celebrity icon links (like I have with the TV shows). I also put up a guestbook! Please go sign it. Do it for Princess.*

Also I made a list of stats about the icons I've made (cause I'm obsessive and anal like that)

Fun with numbers )

*The only person that works on is [ profile] visionofblue and she's not even gonna be online for awhile.
I sold my season 1 Prison Break DVD set last night and then I dreamt about Robert Knepper. I think my subconcious feels a little guilty. I want to specify here that I still love you Robert, it's just your show that I no longer love. I still enjoy watching you and if I ever met you I'd collapse into a drooling, babbling mess at your feet. I wonder if there's any place where they have clips of all of the T-Bag scenes on Prison Break that I could download?

I decided that since I have new music I should share some with you. I plan to post a rock song everyday this week. Here's your first one: "Good Girls Go To Heaven (Bad Girls Go Everywhere)" by Meat Loaf

The Lyrics )

You're lucky you didn't get "Here I Go Again" by Whitesnake. I keep blasting that song and singing along like a big old dork. I have such cheesy taste. *is embarassed*
So because I am anal and weird I made lists of episodes of shows that my favorite actors are in:
Dark Angel episodes featuring Jensen Ackles
Dawsons Creek episodes featuring Jensen Ackles
Smallville episodes featuring Jensen Ackles
Buffy episodes featuring Amber Benson
Veronica Mars episodes featuring Chris Lowell
Prison Break episodes featuring Robert Knepper

I'm not exactly sure what to do with them. I could link to them from my webpage but they aren't graphics.

You ever know you should read your flist but you can't be arsed? That's me alot and then I wind up having to do a massive catch up. But right now all I want to read is the fanfic that's being posted.

I was trying to find out if Piz is in the next Veronica Mars episode and I got a wee bit spoiled about a big upcoming development. Cutting for spoiler )
New pictures of Chris Lowell that have killed me ded. If only those darn tags weren't on them.

Chris Lowell is in a band. Here's a video of them playing. I kinda want to throw my panties at him now.

This proves that all my crushes can sing. Chris can sing; Jensen Ackles, Robert Knepper, and Amber Benson can all sing. They need to do a remake of Rocky Horror Picture Show together. Robert would be Frank-N-Furter, Jensen would be Rocky, Chris and Amber would be Brad and Janet.
Sexy people meme )

I've been listening to "you done me wrong" love songs today and totally relating them to Piz. It's interesting how all those songs are from the women's P.O.V. Guys get their hearts broken too you know. And ya, I know Veronica didn't technically do anything wrong to Piz, although she had to know he's interested, she can't be that clueless. But I think she kinda strings him along a little. The point is my poor Piz is hurting because of V and it hurts me. I need caps from that episode because I want to make icons with lyrics from the song "Piece of My Heart".
I just watched the special they had on Prison Break. It seems to me the fact that they didn't interview the actors who play Sucre and C-Note (they barely even mentioned them) is not a good sign for those characters. But they did have my beloved Robert on! If it weren't for them interviewing him I would have considered the whole thing a waste of time. Mostly they just talked about all the stuff that already happened which us diehard fans already know about.

Cutting for talk of the commercial they had that some people might consider spoilery )
Found this on Meevee:

Fox Sat Jan 20 2007 7:30pm 0:30 hr.
A recap of the season so far and a preview of the remaining nine episodes. Also: interviews with cast members Wentworth Miller; Dominic Purcell; Sarah Wayne Callies; William Fichtner; Wade Williams; Paul Adelstein; Robert Knepper.
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( Jan. 12th, 2007 08:59 pm)
New picture of Robert Knepper
*guh and thud*

I saw the last few minutes of Smallville yesterday waiting for Supernatural to come on and I just have to mock it.
Talking smack about Smallville. Spoilery. )

Edited to add: I made an icon from the new picture of Robert.

I got the text from [ profile] alazysod. She said Robert Knepper is made of sex a long time ago and it just stuck with me. When I saw this picture I knew I had to use it.
I am bored and decided I should do a picspam. So I present to you a smiling picspam featuring Jensen Ackles, Amber Benson, and Robert Knepper.

Your smile lights up a room )
If I ruled television I would keep Veronica Mars from being cancelled but if even my powers weren't that great I'd make sure that one of the new fall shows next season had Chris Lowell in it. His character would have to be very Piz-like. It would also star Robert Knepper and Victor Garber. And it would be awesome!

P.S. OMG Chris Lowell is younger than me. Wow, I feel like a dirty old woman. He's legal though so I guess it's okay. *L*
Knowing you guys actually look at my icons and sometimes even save them has given me a real ego boost. It's also inspired me to make more icons. Today I bring you icons of my favorite actors, Jensen Ackles and Robert Knepper, in roles other than as Dean and T-Bag.

10 icons of hotness in here )
It's just a little over two weeks till Christmas. And looky here, I have an Wishlist and a Fanfic wishlist )*hint, hint* Why yes I am shameless, didn't you know that?

Speaking of It's really fucking annoying when they've turned me down for their credit card, that everytime I check out they tell me if I get their card I can save $30! *grr*

Robert Knepper has a really sexy back (and I'm not referencing the song). Also quite a nice ass.
Little bit of nudity in here )

Edited to add: OMG I found a Dean/Ash fic!!! It's also got a side of Dean/Sam and a not so annoying Jo in it:
"De Nile"
I was watching a show on VH1 last night about celebrity sugar daddies, I want Robert Knepper to be my sugar daddy! He wouldn't even have to lavish presents on me or anything. Unfortunately he has a wife. *pout* She's not even hot, not that I'm hot but I am much younger, so I have that going for me.

I was just watching the T-Bag music video set to "I'm Too Sexy" again. I would love to share it with you guys but I'm not sure who made it and I don't want to step on anyone's toes. I really miss sexy, swaggering, pretty damn gay season 1 T-Bag. Not that he isn't sexy in season 2 but he isn't swaggering anymore and he doesn't even seem to want to rape Michael, or any guy, now. Also I miss the tight white t-shirt that accentuated his magnificent man boobs. *L*

Hey [ profile] anteka, are you still planning to watch Prison Break? I know you said something about checking it out at one time. I fear you will find my Teddy reprehensible. I'm not sure why I think that but a lot of people do ... probably because he's supposed to be.
10 All I want for Christmas icons )

I'm taking requests. If there's a celebrity that I don't have that you want an "All I want for Christmas" icon for, just ask and ye shall recieve. You can even ask for more than one, I'll make a limit of 5 per person. :)
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( Nov. 17th, 2006 11:54 am)
Supernatural beat The O.C. last night in the ratings! Woot! :)

I checked out the Sexiest Man Alive issue of People today. Nowhere in their list of sexy men were Jensen Ackles or Robert Knepper. They include Sean "Diddy" Combs (yuck) but not them, wtf?! I am boycotting People out of protest... Not that I ever buy their magazine but if they had either Jensen or Robert in this issue I would have bought it, so there People!
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( Nov. 13th, 2006 02:52 pm)
I was just thinking now that Justice is canceled maybe Victor Garber and Robert Knepper could be cast in a new show together next season and it would be the most awesome thing ever and I would explode from fangirly glee!
I was just thinking about how I hope Robert Knepper gets cast in another show next season. I am convinced that even if Prison Break has a 3rd season (which I can't see how they could but who knows) that T-Bag will not survive beyond this one. I hope Robert gets a new show that actually lasts or gets added to the cast of an old show. I'd watch him in absolutely anything. Wanna know why? 'Cause he's Robert fucking Knepper, that's why! I love him. I was thinking up all the different crappy shows he could be in that I would still watch for him. Like 7th Heaven, or Ghost Whisperer, or CSI Caruso (I did actually watch an episode of that for him), or Gilmore Girls. The list goes on and on. I can't think of a show I wouldn't watch for him.
You know what site is awesome? It has links to free music downloads. All you have to do is put in the name of a song or an artist and it will find any free downloads that are available! I have gotten a whole lot of songs from there.

Also this site lists celebrity fan mail addresses for free. I've found a lot of sites that make you pay for a subscription to them just to find addresses. Screw that shit! Anyway since my success in getting Robert Knepper's autograph I decided to make a list of celebrities to write to. I got all their addresses from that site and as soon as I move (I don't want my autographs going to my old address, I don't trust the mail forwarding thing) I will send them off.

The list o' celebs I plan to write
Jensen Ackles
Kristen Bell
Amber Benson
Victor Garber
Diane Neal
Kathryn Erbe
Melina Kanakaredes

P.S. LJ fix your fucking time thing!!!


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