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( Jan. 10th, 2009 12:02 am)
I just watched Jensen Ackles on Chelsea Lately. I think she made him uncomfortable with her blatant come ons but Jensen is so cute when he's embarrassed. :D

Also he mentioned that Paris Hilton and her sister where at the premiere of his movie and related their conversation as follows:

Paris-"That movie was dope."
Nikki-"Your makeup is dope. Did you do it yourself?"
Paris-"When do I ever do my own makeup?"

Then Jensen said he realized he was listening to what was probably their most intelligent conversation ever. *L* Oh Jensen stop making me go all fangirly over you again! It's going to lead to me caring about Supernatural again and that's only going to break my heart.

I am definitely going to go see his movie, My Bloody Valentine 3D, next week. I hate to go to what they are describing as a date movie alone but that's just how pathetic I am.
See this is what I get for dipping my toe back into Supernatural fandom. No good awful spoilers that make me shake my head.

Cutting for the spoileryness )

Season 4 has officialy moved from my "On Notice board" to my "Dead to Me board".


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