You Should Make 5 Resolutions

Save Money

Get Fit

Reduce Stress Overall

Take a Trip

Volunteer to Help Others

Save money? It's a good idea but I have trouble doing that. I am going to try... maybe. *L*

Get fit? Fuck that shit!

Reduce stress? I'm a worrier, it's what I do.

Take a trip? I can't afford to take a trip and even if I could I would have noone to go with me.

Volunteer to help others? I'd like to volunteer at the local animal shelter but I just can't get myself to commit to it. And I really don't know how I would get there to do it, the lack of transportation is a big problem for me.
Student to principal: "I wasn't being insubordinate."
Principal to student: "What do you think insubordination means?"
Student to principal: "Does it have to do with subs?"

Principal to camera after talking to student: "I can't believe with the number of times he's been in my office that he doesn't know what insubordination means."

Really? Cause I can't believe that any high school student wouldn't know what insubordination means.


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