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( Jan. 31st, 2009 01:07 pm)
I'm totally trying to convert [ profile] visionofblue into a Daily Show fan. She likes Jon Stewart but she doesn't watch the show, that's just not right. Anyway we chatted on AIM last night and I just had to squee about Jon's appearance on Late Night with her.

me: jon was on late night with conan obrien last night so i'm all squeey over that
visionofblue: Ooh! I missed that. I didn't know because I haven't been on. How was it?
me: it was fabulous!!!
me: he talked about how he and conan just hung out in conan's office during the writers strike
me: he talked about his kids and he was adorable!
me: i'm kind of ridiculously into jon stewart right now *L*
visionofblue: I've noticed. He's ridiculously awesome, so you are forgiven.
visionofblue: And him hanging out with Conan during the strike will be my happy thought for the night. *g*
me: it's not fair for him to be so ridiculously awesome cause it makes me act all stupid and giddy
visionofblue: But you are adorable when you are stupid and giddy!


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