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( Feb. 12th, 2009 11:26 am)
Apparently there is a rumor that Jared Padalecki is dating Genevieve Cortese a.k.a the sucky new Ruby. All I gotta say is going by his dating history Jared apparently has a thing for brunettes who can't act.

Thoughts on the Supernatural spoiler of epic fail )

Despite the fact that I'm feeling all bitter and angry towards all things related to Supernatural I am still going to go see Friday the 13th tomorrow. I won a $5 Burger King gift card on the radio and it's within walking distance to the theater so I'm gonna have dinner and a movie. Ah eating at Burger King and seeing a movie alone, my life is so sad.
I'm reading "All the President's Men" and I can't help picturing everybody who is mentioned as the actors who portrayed them in the movie Dick*. It's amusing but distracting. If you haven't seen Dick you should check it out, it is hilarious! Being a Kids in the Hall fan I am especially fond of the movie because it had Dave Foley and Bruce McCulloch in it. The scenes of Will Ferrell as Woodward and Bruce McCulloch as Bernstein are paticularly amusing as they bicker and fight like children. My favorite quote has to be Woodward saying to Bernstein: "Are you insane or are your pants too tight?"

*Yes it's true, almost all of my knowledge up to this point about Watergate came from the movie Dick. I am ashamed.


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