The LJ writers block question is about what movie you personally think was the best of 2008. Upon reviewing a list of movies that came out last year I discovered that I have only seen a grand total of two: Prom Night and W. I can't say I really liked either one of those movies a whole lot either so for now I have no best movie of 2008. I do want to see Milk and Frost/Nixon which came out last year but I haven't gotten to cause they didn't come here. *pouts* I'm also considering watching Get Smart even though I have my doubts that it is actually any good but hey I won't know for sure till I see it.
I'm watching a special on Hitler and during it they show a commercial for Volkswagens. I just find that amusing.

ETA: It reminds me of those Sham Wow commercials where the guy says "Made in Germany. You know the Germans always make good stuff." I always say after that "Like Nazis." I have a twisted sense of humor.


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