Twitter is fucking stupid!

Cutting for my rant. Twitter fans might want to skip this one. )

You can thank the Daily Show for inspiring me to bitch about that. (I <3 you Jon!)
My favorite Jim Gaffigan joke:

"When you don't drink, people always need to know why. They're like, 'You don't drink? Why?' This never happens with anything else. 'You don't use mayonnaise? Why? Are you addicted to mayonnaise? Is it okay if I use mayonnaise?"

P.S. I'm very excited about the fact that Comedy Central is going to air a new Jim Gaffigan stand-up special on the 29th. :D
I kind of want to see The Haunting in Connecticut (don't hit me [ profile] almightyspaz) but I don't think I can afford to. :(

I got Netflix again and I'm looking for recommendations for horror movies. Keep in mind I don't like gory movies much, I like slasher flicks (like Scream and the remake of Friday the 13th) and I loathe any movie that is like Saw (I'll pass on the gratuitous torture kthnx). I'm finally going to watch the remake of Halloween despite the fact that my expectations are very low, I'm also gonna check out the remake of the Amityville Horror. And I plan to actually watch all of Poltergeist finally. I saw part of it before but stopped cause it freaked me out too much (in my defense I was much younger than I am now when I tried to watch it the first time).

ETA: For you edification A list of horror movies I have seen )

A list of movies I put in my Netflix queue already )
It's neat that some movies you can watch instantly with Netflix (although I usually don't like watching movies on my computer). I just watched P2, it was pretty good in my opinion. I got really into it cutting for spoilery comments )
You know the iPhone commercials where they talk about all the different apps? They have one for figuring out how to split a restaurant bill. That's pretty unnecessary considering they have something for that already, it's called a calculator! Or if you're reallllly good at math a piece of paper and a pen works too. It's not calculus people, it's simple arithmetic!


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