You know how the cliche is the "crazy old cat lady"? Well I propose we need a new category for "crazy old dog ladies" too. Cause the other day when I was at the vet this old lady came in to pick up her two dogs and brought in the puppy she had just gotten, just to show it off, not to for an appointment. She kept going on about how they had a new baby in the family and how her other dogs were going meet their new baby sister. She was baby talking to the dog and calling herself mommy. I was embarrassed for her.
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( Mar. 6th, 2009 12:56 am)
Seeing Billy Crudup on the Daily Show promoting Watchmen tonight I just realized for the first time that he and Jeffrey Dean Morgan are starring in that movie together. What do they have in common? Mary Louise Parker. Jeffrey Dean Morgan dated her and was engaged to her not too long ago. Before she was with him though she dated Billy Crudup who dumped her when she was 7 months pregnant. And then started dating Claire Danes almost immediately afterwards.
Last night right after the Colbert Report went off I switched over to Letterman just in time to see Jon. Then today I watched the tape I made of it from the beginning and re-watched the interview with Jon. I don't know how he manages it but Jon just keeps getting more and more adorable.

Some highlights from the show:

-Dave referring to Jon as a kid. I guess Dave is old enough though to think of Jon as being a youngster.
-When being asked about hosting the Daily Show for ten years Jon said he never thought he'd have a job for that long.
-Jon saying he and his kids made snow angels by hitting pedestrians in a taxi cab. "The hope is they become angels but you don't know what kind of life they lived."
-Jon saying the problem with people like him and Dave hosting the Oscars is that "At some level deep inside our hearts, we think it's stupid."
-Jon talking about his kids. He is such a good daddy and it's obvious his kids bring him a lot of joy. :)

And speaking of adorable fathers, how awesome is Barack Obama for putting up a swing set on the White House lawn?! Obama you gotta stop making me fangirl you.


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