You know what I hate? Fanfiction with a bunch of pairings in it. Even if I love a pairing (like say Jon/Stephen) I will not read a fanfic with that pairing if it has a bunch of other pairings besides them in it... Or even one other pairing. Cause I'm like I just wanna read this one pairing, I don't wanna have to read these other people, if I wanted to read that other pairing I would be looking for that pairing kthnx.

I bought some new bras and they do not want to stay hooked. Damnit.

I'm planning on getting my hair cut in April. I've narrowed it down to two hairstyles. So which do you like better: Number one or Number two?

Here it is, your quote of the day:
"Always do what is right. This will gratify some people and astonish the rest." - Mark Twain


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